Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams Green Bay Packers shirt

There might be a practical reason for this. Kyokushin is one of the Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams Green Bay Packers shirt But I will love this few karate disciplines in the US that actually does proper, full contact sparring. Turns out, if you punch someone in the head with your fist, you can break it. Indeed, a lot of old timey bareknuckle boxing matches, in the days before rounds, would have primarily body shots, to exhaust the opponent. I would bet that part of it emerged from people not wanting to fuck up their hands in constant sparring & training, whereas kicking someone in the face is less likely to break your foot. Of course, failing to develop good blocking/dodging habits isn’t always a good thing to do, because you can still catch a bolo haymaker on the street, and even if your opponent breaks their hand, that’s still you, lying on the ground, and staring up at the sky as you get your face stomped. Set goals; set them big and small in all areas of life. Stuff you think you want and stuff you want to try. Start accomplishing them. Watch your confidence skyrocket. Watch your focus hone in as you realize that achieving your goals actually feels really fucking good and addicting. Watch as you begin to inch closer towards your purpose. For the puncher, the danger is isolated in damage to your hand. A good fighter who knows he is going to be hit in the face (because the punch got through his defenses or because he was suckered) will purposefully smash his forehead into his opponent’s fist. The forehead is far harder than the bones in your hand. The intention, of course, is to break the hand of the puncher. But you don’t need to be on the receiving end of a head butt to break your fist, or just a couple of knuckles, from punching someone in the face, especially if you hit him several times like a good fighter would. I permanently damaged my right fist when I first started training in martial arts 40 years ago, when I threw a right cross to my opponent’s stomach and hit the hip. I think it split a tendon, and it never healed properly.

Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams Green Bay Packers shirt

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