The Bourbon Elf Christmas sweater

If you were in deep space. So far away from the sun that you The Bourbon Elf Christmas sweater can’t tell our sun apart from other stars, the equivalent of where the voyagers are in space, the answer is yes and no. If you held your hand out straight in front of you, you would only see the outline of your hand against the backdrop of the INSANE number of stars that surround you. Although you would see the outline of your hand, you would see absolutely no detail or depth whatsoever. An interesting fact, when you are in deep space like this and you look at the stars, they do NOT blink or twinkle at all. They are steady sharp pinpoints of light.

The twinkling of the stars is only caused by our atmosphere. The Bourbon Elf Christmas sweater This does not happen in space. Now, intuitively, you might think to yourself if there are so many stars, I should be able to see at least a little bit of detail on my hand, right? No, not in the vacuum of space. If you were on earth and “turned the sun off” then you would start to see some details of your hand but only because our atmosphere helps to slow light down and reflect it all around you in all directions. I hope this helps answer your.

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