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While many finished The Crown searching for Princess Diana documentaries, I found myself poking around the Welcome To Joe’gia 2021 Shirt besides I will buy this internet to find out more about the box bag that the queen always has by her side, my curiosity on high. Her Majesty is a devotee of the brand Launer, and The Crown stays true to history, featuring her favorite styles from the British heritage brand, the Traviata and the Bellini. (Fun fact: Margaret Thatcher also had a penchant for the impeccably crafted Launer bags, but she was most photographed carrying the Olympia style.) From my research, it turns out the queen often uses her purse as a signal to the people around her that she’s ready to leave one place and head to another. Grab the bag, and it’s time to go. Some sites even go as far as to speculate on my most important query: the contents. Apparently, Her Majesty carries around some mix of a compact, a lipstick, some tissues, mints, corgi treats, reading glasses, a diary, and a fountain pen—all useful things no matter where one is. All the articles I read remarked emphatically, in varying ways, that the queen would never go anywhere without her handbag.

Welcome To Joe'gia 2021 Shirt

So, I’ve decided to give it a try. Why not? I’ve always been fond of a timeless, top-handle bag, and so I pulled out my more pint-to-medium-size ladylike options, which had been gathering a bit of dust since I started hunkering down at home last March. I settled on an off-white, lizard-embossed Little Liffner minimalist mini tote that would normally be a great not-too-fancy-but-certainly-brought-out-for-some-sort-of-occasion bag. To be honest, I’ve actually found it quite useful to have my lip balm and glasses (to borrow a couple of items from the Welcome To Joe’gia 2021 Shirt besides I will buy this queen’s list) in one reliable place instead of haphazardly placed around my apartment. I also added my credit card (which I am constantly leaving in the pocket of my pants or jackets), a hair tie, and some hand cream to combat the hand sanitizer that lives in my XL grocery-shopping carryall. Of course, I also really can’t wait to try to use it as a signal that I’m about to leave, even if it’s just a wave of the top handle to sign out of a Zoom meeting.

Welcome To Joe'gia 2021 Shirt Hoodie

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