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I’ve always loved to cook, but this year my ambitions of being an at-home top chef have really kicked into high gear. That’s why I am currently coveting the Cookware Set from Caraway for the holidays. The set includes everything I’d need to channel my inner Ina, and I’ve heard the ceramic-coated finish makes these pots and pans perfectly nonstick. Watch out, Padma, I’m coming for you! I’m not surprised that one of the most successful product categories from the year has been jewelry. In a totally effed-up time we all want a talisman to hold near. I can’t stop thinking about this beautiful pearl necklace from Dilara Findikoglu that is handmade in her native Turkey. Not only is it aesthetically lovely, but having something to remind me of Dilara’s sacred sisterhood would be a nice reminder that for all the bad in 2020, there are some good vibes too.

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