Guardians of the Galaxy shirt

It feels overly simplistic to say that Bechdel is queering the Guardians of the Galaxy shirt Also,I will get this act of exercising, but there’s a distinctly antiestablishment flavor to her desire to get stronger in a world that commands women to shrink down and cower before the male gaze. Bechdel says she’s heartened by the strides that the LGBTQ+ community has made since she first started writing and drawing, but she’s also aware that gains can always be lost and that progress only goes so far. (She singles out the recent legislative attacks on the trans community as “particularly troubling.”) With The Secret to Superhuman Strength, Bechdel has—intentionally or not—provided a kind of handbook for a community whose right to bodily autonomy and self-governance is still frequently called into question. And really, what could be more subtly revolutionary than that?

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