Halloween Boo Heifer Shirt

Halloween Boo Heifer Guys Shirt

It’s not Friday, but it’s a flash back Halloween Boo Heifer Shirt! Suzanne, look what I found going through some old pics! Love this girl! Our friendship has spanned across nearly 15 years! Met this chick in the parking lot at our townhouses and I thought she was a sure enough heifer! I never imagined we’d end up inseparable! Pic on the left was at a Halloween party 11 or 12 years ago & on the right was a few weeks back at the swamp! We aging like fine wine, boo!

Halloween Boo Heifer Shirt, Youth tee and V-Neck T-shirt

Halloween Boo Heifer Ladies Shirt
Ladies Shirt
Halloween Boo Heifer Ladies v neck
Ladies v neck
Halloween Boo Heifer Youth Shirt
Youth Shirt

Every night, we had our routine after the kids were in bed. In the early days, it was to have Our time as I called it the Halloween Boo Heifer Shirt. She knew that the three kids were out of the spotlight and it was Her turn to be loved up in the past year after she developed multiple medical problems, the evenings were for medications and fluids and not so fun stuff but we did it together and I hope she knew I was doing it bc I loved her.

Halloween Boo Heifer Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve and Sweatshirt

Halloween Boo Heifer Hoodie
Halloween Boo Heifer Longsleeve Shirt
Longsleeve Shirt
Halloween Boo Heifer Sweatshirt

The weekend mornings, she knew her treat was blueberry Eggos with Butter and the Halloween Boo Heifer Shirt. She sat right in my lap at breakfast and was so excited for her favorite treat. She loved butter and ran at the sound of the toaster oven. I left for a beach wedding on Friday and will return to my house tomorrow. It’s gonna be a process living life without my girl Goose.

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