Hhshirt – Jan 2021 Trump you’re fired shirt

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Hailey Bieber’s wedding hair and just that whole moment was so fun. I loved her dress and the Jan 2021 Trump you’re fired shirt in other words I will buy this whole thing just came together so well. There was this really gorgeous dress that Bella Hadid wore at amfAR at Cannes [René Caovilla, 2017], like a sparkly crystal moment, and we just did a really cool sleek bun with the edges sprayed and flat ironed. Then some really fun, like, Disco brushed-out hair that we did for Bella for CFDA—I think she wore Michael Kors. Kendall’s Met Ball look [Camp, 2019], I wish I could live that day every day. We did this really fun Veruschka-inspired curl that was on her face. That entire day, actually: Hailey Bieber’s Met Ball ponytail, we got to do with Alex Wang and just like, turn her into Alex Wang Barbie, that was so fun. Met Ball and Cannes is always really fun for me—it’s a time when we can really play. And also Paris Fashion Week, even if it’s not for a red carpet moment. I remember we did Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, we did this really pretty vintage updo, and we just left a piece of her bang down and took pictures in her hotel room, and those are still some of my favorites.

Jan 2021 Trump you're fired shirt

The number one thing with me, when COVID hit—my CEO is incredible, and we just agreed that the Jan 2021 Trump you’re fired shirt in other words I will buy this most important thing was taking care of the team. And that’s when we thought it was just going to be a month! We’ve definitely been Zooming it up, trying to have Zingo days where we play group Bingo, or we just had like a charcuterie class, just trying to do what we can to make things feel a little normal. But I’ve been really inspired. My life was like running on a treadmill. I was on a plane every week. It’s been so nice for me to be able to be in one place and actually sit and create content. That has been the silver lining for me.

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