Hippopotumustee – Official Unicorn Good Mom Say Say Bad Words Shirt

T-shirts and hoodies, by Raffaella Hanley’s estimate, are some of fashion’s most overproduced garments. Every charity initiative, 5K run, or group trip seems to come with a graphic garment, and after a bit of wear it becomes—what?—trash. Hanley happens to be a master of turning trash into treasure at her brand Lou Dallas by Raffaella. This season she collaged dozens of vintage tees into magnificent tops and dresses. She does it by hand in her own home, stitching, drawing, and beading with the help of an intern. (The intern is a friend of a friend who deferred studying at Central Saint Martins. His specialty is straight-line beadwork. Hanley does the more erratic, freehand beading herself.)

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