Honda Cloth Face Mask

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Starbucks sells food. I am in a damn furniture store wondering who the Honda Cloth Face Mask is buying a daybed in a pandemic. Our casino was forcibly shut down but Ikea is still taking click and collect orders. Their employees just started calling out because they feel like the company doesn’t care about their health. Some even make a difference. I hope he had to close the store, losing all his employees like that. My point is that the legal system is stacked heavily in favor of employers. They don’t really give a shit about the workers.

Honda Cloth Face Mask

There are also fewer of them, but not as drastic as people believe. Or maybe more and I and the Honda Cloth Face Mask commenters just live in areas with a lot of them, that could be valid. Otherwise known as super morbidly obese. Fat isn’t just going to kill them, it’s going to do it soon. Something about water being cold overrides everything that makes you want to stop drinking it.

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