Hottopshirt – Earth Day Teachers 2021 Classroom Shirt

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It was really the ethical and environmental concerns, though, that kept me from veering off this new path. From deforestation to the plight of the honey bee, once I’d opened that particular Pandora’s box, there was no closing a lid on my freshly acquired worries.

Earth Day Teachers 2021 Classroom Shirt

The health benefits from going vegan were quickly noticeable, too. I was sleeping better and my hair and nails vastly improved. Surprisingly, there were no initial regrets or cravings. Then again, I had every conceivable substitution at my disposal, thanks to the likes of Target and Trader Joe’s who stocked everything from vegan-friendly wine to dairy-free ice cream that, to my utter amazement, tasted even better than the “real” thing. Granted, it was trickier when I would visit my family in Ireland, where even chips were off the menu because they’re often fried in dripping. Sob.

Earth Day Teachers 2021 Classroom Shirt Hoodie den

My newfound existence extended to every aspect of my lifestyle, including fashion and beauty. Veganism is so much more than a diet, it is an all-encompassing lifestyle (a philosophy, even) that pertains to exclude all animal products—“where possible and practicable,” as The Vegan Society itself would concede.

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