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From the Von Dutch shirt besides I will buy this start, Guthrie was up against not just the challenges of engaging with President Trump, but ill will toward the event itself. NBC had triggered outrage when it slated the town hall with Trump at the same time as a Biden event on ABC. Critics accused the network, the former home of The Apprentice, of turning what should have been an honest conversation into a ratings war. (Trump, who had revealed he’d been diagnosed with COVID-19 two weeks earlier, had refused to attend a virtual debate.)

Von Dutch shirt

“I was aware early on that some people didn’t like that NBC had offered a town hall to the Von Dutch shirt besides I will buy this president, but almost immediately I shoved all of that out,” Guthrie said. Her hair is in a pert high ponytail, and she is wearing two gold necklaces, with C and V charms, for each of her children’s initials. “It’s not the first time I’ve had that experience, where there’s controversy swirling around something that I’m involved with at work, so that’s a muscle I’ve learned to flex—the muscle of putting my head down and trying to just focus.” She holed up in her Miami hotel room, buried in policy papers and Post-Its. “I joke I was like Carrie from Homeland,” Guthrie says, able to laugh in hindsight. “I had no idea until it was over how a certain segment of our population was really mad at NBC and maybe mad at me.”

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