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My father is a character. Literally his real name is James. But people call him Buz, with just a ‘z. He likes to be the Love Accessories Shirt in other words I will buy this center of attention. When I was a kid, whenever we took a family photo, he would lift his shirt to show off his hairy belly. And he still calls my grandmother every April Fool’s Day to tell Mom that I’m pregnant. Not everyone thinks he’s funny. I used to be scared when he started talking to other parents at the school dance. Because he doesn’t really chat.

Love Accessories Shirt


He just ran into the Love Accessories Shirt in other words I will buy this story. And they are not always appropriate. The writing starts in the fourth grade. I went to a sleeping camp about thirty minutes away from my home and he wrote to me every day. Then he remade in five grades. And the sixth. And the seventh. My camping trips were longer until I became a mentor and stayed throughout the summer. And he still wrote me a letter – every day the letters went on to college. And I still get them today. I have received nearly 500 of them since I moved into this apartment, even though my dad lived 20 minutes away.

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