I Love The Christmas T-shirts, and Hoodie

I Love The Christmas T-shirts, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

I love Christmas t-shirts! Thousands of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie shirts, complete with sparkling ball designs, were sold after Scotland beat Serbia in a stressful penalty shootout to secure a spot for Euro 2020. Song re-emerged on the chart after Scotland players dancing in the locker room with a Baccara hit after victory. The song became a hit with players after teammate Andrew Considine once sang the tune in a colorful Bo Peep outfit in a hilarious single video.

Yes, sir, a singer I Can Boogie wants to re-record the hit with the Scottish players for Euro 2020. Brutus Gold is half Scottish, real name is Nigel Fraser Wanless, establishes a company to disclose part of the revenue. T-shirt sales will be given to the widow of musicians Frank Dostal and Rolf Soja and I love Christmas t-shirts! We want everyone to have t-shirts approved by the wives of Frank Dostal and Rolf Soja. This is not all about money. This means making people happy and feeling good after some really dark time of being late.

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