Motivator believer innovator educator shirt

I came into work one Monday. Was early as usual. My boss was never early. Usually we only saw him in person on Mondays so he could pay us and check in on everything. That day he was there when I came in. I’d worked very hard for him for 4 years. I was reliable, responsible, and went out of my way many times. I had called in sick the previous Friday however. I never called in sick. I had taken one 1 week vacation in 4 years. I was the manager. I wore a lot of hats. I dispatched, collected on overdue accounts, opened and closed the shop daily, ran lock and safe service calls (nights and weekends also) sold cameras, safes, door and lock hardware, cleaned, took out trash, trained apprentices, balanced and maintained cash register, phone solicitation of new business prospects, bank deposits, etc. etc. So anyway he walks up to me and said “I don’t think you like it here anymore” Truth was I didn’t, but I was happy, busy, and most profitable for him. I was grateful for my job. I had a mortgage and bills. I told him “That’s not true”. He said, Doesn’t matter, I made up my mind” I said, “Ok then….” I packed up my tools and things from my desk. I went home, filed for unemployment and got it hands down. So yeah, he screwed himself and I got a break!

Motivator believer innovator educator shirt

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There was a summer in early high school when a group of us guys (sorry no girls in this story) would walk over to the apartment complex a couple of blocks from my house at around 11 PM and go skinny dipping in their pool. This became a standard Friday night event and the group grew from 3 of us to perhaps a dozen by summer’s end. The pool was in the back of the complex and not visible from any of the apartments. In addition, there were no security lights. (This was in the70’s and crime was not an issue in the town I grew up in.)We were always quiet. Really just wanted to cool off and not cause trouble. We eventually got caught. We noticed someone coming toward the pool with a flashlight, but it was too late. Some of the guys managed to get out of the water and get their pants on, but most just stayed in the pool and waited. The flashlight was a single cop. No one ran. We got a speech about private property and were told if we did it again we could be arrested. I think he understood we meant no harm and seemed almost apologetic. We never went back and never found out how he was tipped off.

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