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It makes me feel more committed to the responsibility I feel to my community. People are also celebrating the way in which Slave Play was such a responsible production, and thought about the people that were inside of the play, as well as the people who were coming to the theater, in ways we haven’t seen publicly as much. We have this responsibility to take care of people who love the theater and people who make the theater, and I hope I can take this moment to remind the people in power that theater artists really need their help and support right now. Obviously, the people who hold power in our country don’t see what we view as a necessity; the people who put billions of dollars into the economy don’t see the needs of people who need to pay their light bill this month. I think I’m becoming more committed to reminding people that part of loving theater is loving the people who make it and supporting them. I think we’re all figuring out how to do that because theater is a community-based project.

Cowgirl Noun A Strong Beautiful Woman Who Knows Her Worth Shirt

On Friday, Vogue spoke to Harris about how he’s celebrating, what he sees as theater patrons’ responsibility to artists, and the dream production he’d see once theaters open back up. I’m in Naples, Italy. I was in Europe for my play, and I just never came back to America. I haven’t been in America since January. It was a mix of visa luck and finding someone to take over my apartment in New York; I was like, “Great, I’m going to stay out here and write.”

Cowgirl Noun A Strong Beautiful Woman Who Knows Her Worth Shirt Hoodie den

Finding the perfect straight-leg cut is no easy feat. It’s usually too wide, too skinny, or too long, especially when you stand five feet three like me. They have to fit snug around the waist, with just the right amount of room in the leg and absolutely no awkward bunching beyond the knees! These jeans are all of that and more and only cost $145 (currently on sale for $109). They’re actually comfortable too. It’s not just the elastic in the back of the waistband that contributes to their track-pant-like ease. They’re also not too tight or too loose on the waist, and the denim itself is super soft yet somehow still structured. Considering I’ve worn them every day this week, they’ve certainly passed the sitting-slash-working-all-day test.

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