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Every week, Vogue will be spotlighting tastemakers across industries to hear how they’ve been approaching self-care during the American Muscle Cars Flag Shirt and I love this coronavirus pandemic. We asked Karla Welch—the Los Angeles-based stylist who counts the likes of Justin Bieber, Sarah Paulson, and Tracee Ellis Ross on her list of clients—to give us an inside look into how she’s been keeping sane while sheltering in place. “I am usually a very busy person with work, and I do thrive in that, so it’s taken me a bit to reset into this space,” Welch says. “I am really focusing on time with my family—doing very homestead things that, quite often, I don’t get to do. I feel like my 20s self in a way, because I can focus on myself a bit more.” From her exercise regimen to what she’s been cooking, see below for Welch’s three must-haves while staying at home.

American Muscle Cars Flag Shirt

I have the American Muscle Cars Flag Shirt and I love this Mirror, the interactive home gym device, as I am their fashion director. I love their trainers, so I am taking lots of classes. They are also doing IG Live for everyone! I love Forward Space and Ryan Heffington dance classes, and I always tune into my personal guru Angela Manuel Davis and her daily inspiration at her space @aarmy (they have the hardest bootcamp.) I’m trying to get a couple things in each day. Moving keeps you healthy, people! I am also training for the NYC Marathon (which let’s hope happens this year) so I’ve got a bit more time to get my long runs in. I also swim, and the pool is finally “warm enough” to get in on the daily. I sound like an exercise freak, but I am also a news freak, and this takes my mind off of the chaos.

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