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The viral production itself is a clear homage to the Beer Will Be My Valentine shirt and I love this early 2000s emo aesthetic, championed by bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Good Charlotte. Leaving her usual colorful wardrobe in the closet, Whack donned black Adidas track pants paired with a black Erykah Badu hoodie proclaiming “Hip-Hop Is Bigger Than the Government.” Vogue got on the phone with the hip-hop notable about how “Stuck” came to be, her adorable pet turtle (who makes a cameo in the video), and her new qua-routine back home in Philadelphia. You know, I was so shocked that Vogue wanted to interview me because it was just a joke—I was so bored! I’ve been recording in the studio, so that’s the only thing I’ve been doing. My manager Kenete is always listening to “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette. That song was in my head already, and then we pulled up the instrumental and I started singing the first line—“Sick of being stuck in the house, I wanna go out now”—so we recorded it. And then I kept listening to the song after, and my sister, who’s really good with all the little apps, helped me record the video and cut the pieces together. It was so quick! We were being goofy, goofing off really.

Beer Will Be My Valentine shirt

Yeah! My manager was like, “Yo, everybody is gonna feel this. Like, we have to put it out.” Me and my sister sat for a few hours and did random scenes in the Beer Will Be My Valentine shirt and I love this house and it all came together. I’m happy that I’m able to make people laugh in a sad and weird time, everybody’s uncomfortable. So it’s good that I can still bring people together. Everybody’s going on TikTok now—I just got into TikTok and I wasn’t sure how to work it. My little sister shows me everything she can; she’s always ahead. I feel like I’m getting old now too. It’s been fun and we’ve been making a lot of cool stuff [like this], using the time wisely.  Listen, everything is so fake deep with me! I’m probably fine. I still have this hoodie on right now, I wear this hoodie every day in the house. My friend, Erykah Badu, gave it to me, so I wear it all the time. It’s actually part of her merch. It’s natural for me to have this on. But when I put the wig on and the glasses on I became somebody else, this depressed person that is tired of everything.

Beer Will Be My Valentine s Hoodie

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