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Those of us around the Born In Yugoslavia USA shirt What’s more,I will buy this world currently living under lockdown have seen our standard daily wardrobes become slowly replaced with more casual, comfortable items—whether that’s an old favorite worn-in tee, or your latest pair of luxe sweatpants—and it seems the same goes for celebrities, too. While they would usually be spotted out and about in their most eye-catching outfits, superstars are now taking to social media to provide a window into the more laid-back end of their style spectrum. Just look at Justin and Hailey Bieber, who posted a picture to Instagram yesterday of themselves getting cozy while sheltering in place dressed in hoodies. These were more than just your average sweatshirts, however—the singer and his wife took the opportunity to shout out their “fav” musician of the moment Billie Eilish, while wearing two pieces from her hotly-coveted tour merch. Eilish’s reply in the comments? A short but effective “Omg.” Looks like the love is mutual.

Born In Yugoslavia USA shirt

When I last spoke to Angel Chen in February, the Born In Yugoslavia USA shirt What’s more,I will buy this designer was under strict quarantine in her home in Shanghai, China. A friend had connected us, and I had been anticipating her arrival at Milan Fashion Week, where she usually presents her collections, and watching her excel on Netflix’s Next in Fashion series. “Like every season, we were planning to show our new collection at the official schedule of Milan Fashion Week, on February 21. The timing, location, and venue were confirmed. Then quite rapidly the [coronavirus] situation got worse, and we unfortunately had no choice but to cancel the show, which is obviously a real disappointment,” she said at the time. “We filmed the models in a very cool space against a green screen. We shot the motorcycle views on the road in the city,” she continues. “We then worked on a video montage in the studio to superimpose the virtual backgrounds with the models. This was the most difficult part.” Even with the difficulties of not being able to hire a stylist—or even be in the same room as her models—Chen’s virtual show fully encapsulates her vision and her collection.

Born In Yugoslavia USA s Hoodie


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