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Yes, very funny, that. Perhaps it was another Markle actress caught on camera so often. But there does seem to be a lot of discrepancy between what she claims and wht really happened. How her passp[ort was taken away from her, yet she made trips to New York for a vulgar baby shower and a tennis match, and at least `13 otheer foreign trips during the time.. As the Queen observed “recollections may vary “ which is a polite way of putting “she is lying in her teeth, yet again.” Harry is 36. His wife is older and had a career prior to their marriage. You no longer get an allowance from your parents at that age. No one forced him to buy a $14 million mansion. No one forced him to pay for a PR firm. When you become financially independent, you need to prioritize your expenses and budget accordingly. Please also note that he has a multi-pound inheritance to dip into. He’s not hurting unlike all the people who are facing evictions and unemployment due to the Coronavirus.

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Yes I have, sadly I immediately broke out in buboes and fell to the ground foaming at the mouth. I believe 30 million British citizens have also been affected and the piles of bodies are clogging the highways. On a more serious note, surely the lack of horrible side effects, the reduction in deaths and the lowering of hospital admissions in the UK an indication of how well this vaccine works. On January 8 Prince Harry boldly stated that the goal was to become financially independent. Basically they left the family business. That’s fine, but you have to realize that when you leave the business they are no longer obligated to pay you a salary and provide you the perks.


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