Official Justin Fields Bears shirt

From a French perspective, it is more that we are worried for Official Justin Fields Bears shirt. How to screw up your destiny? He now knows. Chirac, a former French président of ours, who had the audacity to make the queen wait just to show her that there were traffic jams in London, would have said (with his usual elegance) for her, “it hits me one, without moving the other”. I think Piers is an arrogant bighead who thinks we should all hear and share his opinion. BUT he was hired to be an arrogant bigmouth and to give his opinion. So he did. And then he was attacked for it by the weather man, leading to his little strop when he walked out. Later, he was told to apologise but preferred to resign than compromise his principles. I think the flak he’s taken for that is vile. I did not watch the whole trial. But, I watched some of the key testimony, and of course, I saw some of the videos. Based on what I saw, based on what I heard, based on what I read about the evidence that was presented to the jury: While I understand why the prosecutor did not try for more serious charges, I think he may have been able to win on more serious charges. I think it was wise not to overreach though, because the damage had the jury decided not to convict would have been very great.

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Official Justin Fields Bears shirt

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