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Finally I think the nature of web and mobile apps is now in many cases well suited for node. Single page web apps with real-time updates. Mobile apps with lots of requests. Node is just a natural fit for the ‘web server’ part of the stack in many of these cases (of course not for heavy data crunching, but plenty of easy ways to integrate better tools for the job). You do realize there were actual witch hunts, right? Where religious people, for religious reasons, actually tortured and actually murdered actual people for not being religious enough? And that this continues to this day, in Africa and in Asia, across four dozen countries? And that atheists meanwhile aren’t torturing or killing one person for not being atheist, or for abandoning atheism? Across the entire planet? Not one? Not jailing anyone, fining anyone, disowning anyone, deporting anyone, beating anyone, anywhere, across the entire planet, for leaving or not being an atheist?

Those aren’t rhetorical questions, I really want to know whether you were unaware of all those facts, or just being profoundly disingenuous and disrespectful of the actual people that religion is actually torturing and jailing and flogging and fining and beating and killing right now.The battle of Moscow, which lasted from the fall of 1941 to the spring of 1942, determined that the Soviet army was able not only to resist – but also to defeat the most powerful army in the world at that time. Contrary to the view that the Soviet troops throughout the war had a numerical advantage – in the battle of Moscow , the Nazis had a significant numerical superiority over the Soviet troops. Simple facts: the Soviet army forces involved in the battle of Moscow were ~1.25 million soldiers, supported by 990 tanks, 7,600 artillery and mortar units, and 667 combat aircraft. They were opposed by a group of Nazis with ~2 million soldiers, supported by 1,700 tanks, 14,000 artillery and mortar units, and 1,390 combat aircrafts.

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By November 1941, the Nazis were so close to Moscow that soldiers who participated in the November 7, 1941 parade were marching directly from red square to the war zone on foot.Two out of three men marching in parade will not live to see the spring. Probably only one in ten will be alive by the end of the war. A whole generation of Soviet people went to their deaths in a parade formation, with a firm step. They knew what they were doing , that the enemy was stronger, better armed, and better trained. It was in November 1941, at the intersection of Dubosekovo, an infantry political officer in front of his soldiers uttered the phrase: “Russia is huge, but there is nowhere to retreat. We have Moscow behind us”.

The political officer of the 4th company of the 2nd battalion, 1075 th infantry regiment 316 th infantry division 16 th army on the Western front, Vasily G. Klochkov, died 16 November 1941 during the battle, the 11th Panzer division 4th Panzer group Wehrmacht, who tried to carry out an offensive on Moscow in the Volokolamsk direction. On that day, for the first time in history, the light infantry stopped a massive attack by a Nazi Panzer group. It was against the rules. Light infantry cannot resist tank forces in 1941. Effective anti-tank weapons will appear only in 3 years, and then the heaviest anti-tank weapons were several light guns of 45 mm caliber, and anti-tank guns of 14.5 mm caliber. There were also grenades.

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