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So, if Killua escaped the battle realizing they have no chance in hell defeating this monster he will go to Nanika and tell her Naruto’s name (another requirement) then let’s say he fulfills the hard requirements because of the last wish Killua made and then orders her to kill Naruto and she doesn’t even need to touch him. Naruto dies, but wouldn’t Kurama and the other tailed beast just revive him? Chakra is Naruto’s life force and Naruto has tons and tons of it. What I’m saying is. No one would know Kurama lives inside of Naruto meaning everyone is actually fighting two beings (possibly 10 if you include other tailed beasts) without knowing it. Naruto isn’t the first problem they have to eliminate. It’s actually Kurama who resides in Naruto, then you have to cut off his connection with the other tailed beasts just to make sure that Naruto stays dead when you do kill him and that would be an effective way to kill Naruto in the Hunter x Hunter universe. Maybe..because in my personal opinion even that shouldn’t kill Naruto. Naruto alone is a monster of chakra and still will have enough to solo HxH without the tailed beasts, but it would be easier to pull haxs on Naruto.

I’ve been following it closely, partly because it’s an interesting political story and partly because I’m an avid infosec enthusiast and I actually know how emails work. I was, to be honest, surprised when the “Hunter laptop” scam first began that anyone actually believed it. If you know even a little bit about how email works, it’s plain as snow in December that the story was fake. The supposed “Hunter Biden emails” that were released were released as PDFs, with no headers, from email domains that do not exist. I was like “Really? People are falling for this? God damn conservatives sure are gullible.” But in the time I’ve been in Florida helping to care for my mother, I’ve realized that isn’t fair.

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My dad is older (he’s 82), he uses email every single day, but he has not the slightest clue how it works and he cannot define the word “domain,” much less explain what a domain is or spot an invalid email domain. And honestly, a lot of people, on the left and right, are that way. It’s not that conservatives are stupid, it’s that to most people, email is magic. And they don’t ever see email headers, so it doesn’t look suspicious if someone shows them a fake email with no headers. And, like my dad, they don’t know what a domain is, so if you show them an email with a clearly bogus “from” address they don’t even blink. In that sense, what looks like a crude, hamfisted attempt at second-rate disinformation is actually pretty savvy. It’s propaganda aimed at a very specific audience: an audience that is not technically savvy, but—and this is the important part—has also been indoctrinated to distrust “elitist experts” who think they know better. So this audience (1) doesn’t have the technical skill to see through even a very crude, simplistic scam and (2) will automatically respond to anyone who points out the scam with “neener neener I don’t believe you!!!”

It’s been a very interesting lesson in 21st-century propaganda. Forging a real email is hard. Email is trackable and traceable. It passes through many computers and it leaves traces in every one. You can not easily forge a realistic, believable email even if you have nearly unlimited resources…

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