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She’s extraordinary. I’ve said this in every interview I’ve done, that she is sort of like a master class. Honestly, sometimes I was distracted by just watching her. She’s pure instinct, and I think I’m a bit cerebral, so there’s a real ying and yang with us. She makes it look easy, and it’s definitely not.I found that a challenge, but I really enjoyed it. It’s funny because you read scripts afterward, and it’s like, oh, gosh, how disappointing. It’s like, [a character is] hanging the washing while her husband watches football on TV. So I liked that [in I Hate Suzie] sexuality was challenged, patriarchy was challenged, background was challenged—it was all in there, but weaved in in that subtle, brilliant, Lucy Prebble way, where it’s not “let’s make a whole episode about this.” It’s just unquestioned. It’s like a piece of music, Lucy’s writing. It’s so dense and verbose, I just wanted to make sure I did it justice.

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