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Let me put your mind at ease, President Trump won’t be evicted from the White House on Jan 20, 2021. Four hours before President-Elect Biden and Harris show up to be sworn into the office, a moving crew will show up at The White House, 60 people will come in and they will move any and all personal belongings of President Trump along with the Trump family, and Vice President Pence and his family and belongings will be packed up and removed. All of President-Elect Biden and VP Harris and her family will be moved into the White House. All cabinet positions will change, Trump’s staff will be gone, Biden’s Staff will be in place.

Ivanka and Husband will not have any access to the White House come 12:01 on Jan 20, 2021, 20 minutes before President-Elect Biden is sworn in the Football along with the key Military and other people who follow President Trump, will all start following Biden around. President Trump can choose for a final helicopter flyover, and he gets one last ride on Air Force one, along with his family. His Secret Service detail will change, and he is not going to have a convoy of cars following him. On Jan 21, 2021, President Trump will wake up, and he will be EX-President Trump. The difference is he will not be in charge of the Military or be a world leader, he will be an Ex-President. No press spokesperson / Press briefings.

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