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I’m a female, 20 years old, I’m a model, so needless to say I like to take care of myself, but I am also in school for automotive engineering. I’m the only girl in my year, but there’s one a year ahead of me. A bit overweight, no makeup, doesn’t dress to impress, etc. I made friends with everyone pretty quick since I’m an outgoing person, but all the guys hated her. She was really mean to them, yelled all the time, obviously had an issue with men. Every time the guys complained about her, they made a joke about how she looked, and I stood up for her. I really try not to gossip, even about bad people, and you don’t have to look good for anyone- just my opinion. Well, apparently, she also had a bit of an insecurity problem, so she liked to talk badly to these guys (who didn’t even like her) about myself, like how hard I tried to look good the first time I came to school. About 6 months after I met her, I go to a computer room for our department and am working on some sort of paper. It’s just us in the room. I say hi, like I always do, and get to work. She seems a bit irritated, and I start to get asked 20 questions. I was pissed, my friend came in the room, wondering what was going on and I just left with him. She posts feminists quotes and stories on her Facebook all day, shit she must not understand. The guys tell me she just prided herself being the only female, and I guess she couldn’t take me seriously because I took care of myself. She was the only person in my field, ever (And I’ve worked in auto shops) to say something really sexist and disrespectful like that. I wish she knew just how often I defended her. That I came from a girls only household (father passed away) and my feminist sisters were really proud to say they had a sister who knew her shit about cars. That I didn’t come here for the attention or to sleep around, I’ve only kissed one guy in my whole life.

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Some grandmas play bingo real grandmas listen to Elvis Presley shirt

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Later on in life, I found my interpretation of the verse still stood true. In school and college, the beautiful girls and the handsome guys seemed to win. They had something about them that I hadn’t captured yet. They seemed to be getting good grades, the teachers liked them, people around them fawned at them and called them awesome, while I festered in a corner of my dorm room, smoking cigarettes and blaming the world for my inadequacies. However, in the fourth year of my bachelors, I fell in love and to my surprise, when I tactlessly blurted that out to the girl, she said she loved me too. Weird, right? I’d spent my life till then wondering if I was just an ugly guy who no one liked. I used to wear all kinds of accessories so I’d look cool, I used to play the Guitar to seek attention and a lot of other things to conform to universal standards of “being cool”. And here I was, awkwardly poring my heart out to a girl I barely knew, over texts and she said she loved me. Few other girls ever talked to me in College, and I’ve learned since then from them that the reason they never talked to me because I seemed arrogant and sometimes extremely crazy. So, I went back to that verse and realised what it meant. Apparently “Mukhosree” can also mean a smile. So what my mom told me was that if you keep a smile on our face, you’ll always win.

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