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The brands that have signed on so far will work closely with BIFC’s executive board starting this year, with more companies expected to join after the German Shepherd Here To Steal Hearts Shirt and I will buy this summer holidays conclude. Among them is Universal Standard, a direct-to-consumer fashion company that offers sizing from 00 to 40.  “As a brand that is all about revolutionary inclusivity, we know that we have a huge responsibility to live up to our mission,” says Alexandra Waldman, the cofounder and COO of Universal Standard. “Universal Standard is deeply committed to ensuring that authentic representation is present within our organization and across every aspect of our business, but we know that we can make an even bigger impact by learning and collaborating with others in the industry. Being part of the Black in Fashion Council is an honor and a great opportunity for us to take concrete steps to creating the change we want to see in the world, where Black women and Black people of all gender identities are included and represented as they are.”

German Shepherd Here To Steal Hearts Shirt

In addition to announcing brand partners, the German Shepherd Here To Steal Hearts Shirt and I will buy this BIFC is also accepting membership applications, priced at $50 for the assistant level and $100 for senior membership. Once applications are reviewed by a small committee, members will have access to all of BIFC’s programming and subcommittees. “By organizing a resilient group of editors, models, stylists, media executives, assistants, freelance creatives, and industry stakeholders, we aim to build a new foundation for inclusivity,” the organization writes. “For this change to occur, non-Black brands, publications, and people of influence have to carefully examine the roles they’ve played in either helping or hurting Black people who work in these spaces.” The organization’s foundational mission is to evolve fashion’s inclusivity beyond call-out culture and to work to make measurable change for Black employees from the C-suite to junior levels. “What sets us apart,” Charles told Vogue earlier this year, “is we want to show that we’re in solidarity with you; we want to not only support your group but empower you with resources that you may or may not have. That’s really important: to have a network of people that are working for the same good with egos aside.” You can find the full list of companies partnering with the Black in Fashion Council here:

German Shepherd Here To Steal Hearts Shirt Hoodie

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