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Biden’s promise to pick a woman—with increasing calls to choose a woman of color—has been met with excitement but also the Salty Crew Chasing Tail Fish Shirt in addition I really love this whiff of a consolation prize, especially after the richly diverse 2020 Democratic primary season, which included Harris as one of several strong female candidates. Still, some Democratic women tell themselves that the country’s first female V.P. would nevertheless be historic and all the more if she were a woman of color helping to steer the country during a nationwide reckoning on race. But the symbolic power of selecting a female vice president means even less if Biden’s team is only going to limit how far she should go. It’s akin to the White House version of the same tired workplace refrain that has held women down for decades: “You should just feel lucky to be here.”

Salty Crew Chasing Tail Fish Shirt

Political ambition is tantamount to striving for power, and when it comes from women, it makes people deeply comfortable. American culture tends to like unassuming models and actresses who are discovered magically, serendipitously, plucked from obscurity, aw-shucks-ing their way up the Salty Crew Chasing Tail Fish Shirt in addition I really love this ladder. To try is to offend the increasingly delicate status quo of white-male rule and the evident fragility of Biden’s inner circle. The truth is: Every woman on their short list is powered by ambition. They could never have become senators and governors and congressional leaders without it—especially not in the male-dominated world of politics, with people like Biden’s top donors working against them. Singling out Harris, framing her ambition as a character flaw, feels not only gendered but potentially racially motivated. Bass noted the perceived either-or choice between her and Harris on Friday on The Breakfast Club. “Why are you comparing me with her?” Bass asked “Why don’t you compare Whitmer with Warren?”

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