Sweethearttee – Official Papa Cito Shirt

Candy Pratts Price, Style.com’s Executive Fashion Director and Marina’s onetime boss, has given her stamp of approval to the launch. “She could’ve done anything—jewelry, for instance—but a shoe gets you places,” Pratts Price says. “I support anyone who has courage and I’m very proud of her.”While Grace Fraser’s cascade of auburn spirals has been generating as much buzz as her rotation of sumptuous jewel-toned coats, now that we can finally exhale, it’s time to give due credit to her soft, yet bulletproof makeup strategy as well. Near-perfect skin, a healthy flush, and rose-stained lips… You don’t look that majestically laissez-faire while traipsing around New York City or enduring a grizzly murder trial (for which your husband is prime suspect, no less) without a few deft tricks.

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