Top shirt from royalhot 2020/9/29

peacefully with everyone. Myanmar people love justice. It is ridiculous that she got Noble prize in peace. Nowadays we all notice that what is happening with the Rohingyas. So International communities should stand beside Rohingyas and do something Against this so called prime minister of Mayanmar. And buddhism is seen as so peaceful and accepting in the west. LolGod will not be mocked. Be careful how women and children are treated. I know terrorists, governments and individuals use them horribly for power and greed, but I will hope in a God that vindicates. That is my only sanity in this most cruel world. I don’t believe this new at all because maybe fake name. In the past I believe her but right now I don’t believe her at all. She just act because she wants to win but after the civil will coming again. Anyway I think, she knows what she did. How ridiculously Aung Sun Suu ki refutes a ubiquitous diabolical criminal activities against the Rohinga!

Top shirt from royalhot

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