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Actor and shoe designer Sarah Jessica Parker and designer Christopher John Rogers are two of New York City’s leading lights, representing the Premium squad goals among us christmas sweatshirt Furthermore, I will do this immense pool of talent based here. Today, they joined Vogue’s Hamish Bowles for a 30-minute conversation discussing the resiliency of the city as part of the Forces of Fashion summit. They imagined how New York can thrive again in a post-pandemic climate, and talked about how they remained creative—and financially afloat—during such a challenging year. As two New York transplants, Parker and Rogers began the conversation by looking back at what first drew them to the city. Rogers grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and said Manhattan served as a beacon of opportunity in terms of his becoming a designer, though it didn’t come without its challenges. “I’ve never worked harder in my life than while being here,” he said. Parker, who came to New York as a child, was instantly inspired by its “chaotic” energy, as she describes it. “When we arrived as a family in 1977, the city was in terrible economic shape,” says Parker. “It wasn’t at its most beautiful. But as someone who was drawn to color and art and beauty, I was seduced. I found excuses to go down streets that I had no business going down, just to look through the store windows.” During the discussion,  Parker and Rogers also spoke of how they navigated keeping their businesses alive during the pandemic. For Rogers, he took the lockdown as a moment to rejig his business model, and to reignite creativity for his designs. “One of the positive things was slowing down,” Rogers says. “There was nothing to do but relax and take stock of the situation. It made me think about who I am as a designer, what makes me happy, and what I want to put out in the world.” Parker, meanwhile, took a risk and opened a brick-and-mortar store for her footwear line, SJP, in July. The duo also discussed keeping their businesses small; the pros of working with a small, intimate team; and how they’ve focused and sharpened their design aesthetic.Watch the full conversation—and many other speakers including Lizzo, Sarah Burton, Bella Hadid, Alber Elbaz, and more—at Vogue’s virtual Forces of Fashion summit.Buy tickets to Forces of Fashion here.

Premium squad goals among us christmas sweatshirt

When they connected for today’s conversation at Vogue’s Forces of Fashion summit, Lizzo and Jeremy Scott were many miles apart—the Premium squad goals among us christmas sweatshirt Furthermore, I will do this former in Mexico, where she’s currently working on her new album, and the latter at home in Los Angeles. Yet within seconds, the two friends and collaborators instantly hit upon their usual quick-fire rapport, with Lizzo kicking off proceedings in her typically upbeat style by asking: “Are we talking about the fashion, the clothing, the oohs, the aahs?” Not before catching up on politics, of course. While conversation quickly turned to the recent election results, with both describing the palpable sense of relief they felt after hearing of Joe Biden’s victory last week, the pair then dived into another subject close to their hearts: the various ways they have strived to change more outdated attitudes within the fashion industry from the inside. “As a big girl, fashion wasn’t available for my body type, so I had to get creative,” Lizzo told Scott. “If it wasn’t made for me, I made it for me—we have that in common.” As a chart-topping pop superstar, these days Lizzo might have the world’s biggest fashion houses on speed dial, but Scott still remains a friend and her go-to red carpet designer. The pair reminisced about some of the boldest looks they’ve conceived together, from the showstopping red sequin dress and feather boa Lizzo wore to last year’s MTV Video Music Awards to the sculptural gown of ruched, baby pink taffeta custom-made by Scott’s atelier at Moschino for her cover story in Vogue’s October issue. Over the course of the conversation, it became clear that what unites their style outlook is a belief in the transformative power of fashion. “It can alter or heighten your mood, of course, but it can also send a message: from literally ‘Vote,’ to ‘I’m that bitch,’” said Scott. And as they explained, that transformation isn’t just about the pieces they wear, but also their shared purpose of “bringing joy” to their fans and followers, whether through fashion or music. “As long as we’re here, baby, we’re gonna make sure people get included,” Lizzo concluded. “I believe in us, right?”

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