Vintage Call Me Old Fashioned Shirt

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It seems that Tati Gabrielle is something of a covert multi-hyphenate (read: actress-slash-hairstylist). The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actor took to Instagram on Sunday to share a backstage secret: It turns out she is responsible for character Prudence’s striking silvered finger waves. “Everyone: ‘So who does Prudence’s hair?’ Me:   ,” Gabrielle wrote alongside a timelapse of her expertly combing and molding her gelled close-crop coiffure.  Comments varied from blown-away (“You’re too fire,” wrote Bebe Rexha) to vocalized disappointment that the Vintage Call Me Old Fashioned Shirt and by the same token and actress was put in a position to have to do her own glam—though a hairstylist does appear at the end of the video to finish the back of the style. “Thank you for continuing to highlight what Black women/femmes/non-binary people have to endure in the entertainment industry,” wrote one follower, with others adding that they hope she received a glam fee. Prudence’s hair was in fact conceptualized by Gabrielle, who wore the character’s signature finger waves to her audition. The showrunners liked the look so much they decided to keep it.

Vintage Call Me Old Fashioned Shirt

After an absence of four years, and a delay of four days, the Vintage Call Me Old Fashioned Shirt and by the same token and White House again has some canine occupants in its residential quarters. Major and Champ, the two the German shepherds of President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, arrived on Sunday, after what Dr. Biden explained was a few days’ wait after the inauguration so that the first couple could get settled in before moving the dogs down from Delaware. “When I have the makeup on and the hair’s done, it makes me feel prim and proper and it definitely informs the way that I move, the way that I walk,” Gabrielle told Vulture around the show’s 2018 premiere. “It makes me feel like I am in this 1920s to 1950s period, because witches don’t age. We look like we’re teenagers, but Prudence is really like 75 years old, and so it definitely gives me that vibe. It makes me feel like an old soul.”  In a statement, the first lady’s office said that Champ is “enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace and Major loved running around on the South Lawn.”

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