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I am going to go completely the opposite way from everyone else. I have been assisting with spay/neuter surgeries at th humane society for years, and I can tell you that 99.9% of cats do great without the collar. Unless it was a very complicated procedure, there are only about 10 stitches in total. Keep your kitten distracted with cuddles, watch that she doesn’t jump excessively, and let her be without the collar. The wound is so small that a few licks won’t hurt it. What I found seems to be a misunderstanding based on a misunderstanding: that Salukis supposedly are the only dogs people in Islamic Middle East areas keep because they don’t lick their groin. That’s not a believable claim because Salukis have a much more valid reason to live with Middle East Muslims than that, Salukis are not the sole dog Muslims can keep, and Salukis can reach that area easily enough and there is no plausible reason they wouldn’t take advantage of it. Okay so I searched the Net a bit because this sounds like such a ridiculous myth that it has to have a very specific origin. (Ridiculous because groin licking is the standard way of dogs to keep that area clean and free of itches.)

Wainwright Molina 2020 shirt

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Dogs are not considered bad or outright prohibited in Islam— keeping working dogs, specifically hunting dogs and guard dogs for cattle and crops, is allowed. Having pet dogs that don’t have a job is an excess, which would contradict the basis of Islamic ethics. Dog saliva however is considered unclean and getting licked by a dog requires extra cleansing measures before food is handled or prayer is done. Why Salukis then? They’re a Middle Eastern type, then breed, adapted to the harsh conditions of the area and bred for centuries if not longer to be hunters. They have a solid traditional, cultural role. My dogs regularly encounter cacti down here- and other sharp, pointy plants- and it only takes one encounter for them to not even consider “licking” one. Generally, they’ve never tried to lick one, because even getting close enough to sniff one will prick them, and teach them to stay away from it. Since each human is unique, you can discourage that dog from licking you, make it sit for a treat, make it go get a toy and bring a slobbery toy over with which to play instead of choosing to lick your skin. Encourage the behavior you want, positively reward the dog when you receive that desired behavior and be consistent. If you do not feel confident in your skills, owner is oblivious to respecting your wishes, it may be that you just don’t need to go to your friend’s house or any space that would be shared with the dog.

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