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The Wheelbarrow Gardening Flying Shirt! CT Corner Corner Poets is a monthly feature that highlights poetry by Connecticut authors and is selected by Ginny Lowe Connors, a former award-winning poet by West Hartford. December poet is Tony Fusco of West Haven. Tony Fusco was the first poet to win the award of the town of West Haven, and he believed in the power of words. What are the words used? he exaggeratedly asked. “Everything. Words are the birthplace of culture, they shape our perception of the world and also influence it. Words are magic, and poetry is like a mantra to invoke that power

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“People use poems to expose their emotions and reveal the truth to themselves. Like any type of art, poetry develops in writers and readers the ability to see the world and surroundings in a different way, from a different perspective, from a different perspective, from a different perspective and the Wheelbarrow Gardening Flying Shirt! Fusco is co-chair of the Connecticut Poetry Association He has a master’s degree in creative writing from Southern Connecticut State University and has published five poetry books and three books.


A lifelong resident of West Haven, his writing imbued with the local flavor – growing up as an Italian-American Catholic, the memory of Savin Rock Amusement Park no longer exists – but one his number of poems are philosophical and refer to the types of topics that all poets deal with. The Wheelbarrow Gardening Flying Shirt and death, lust, politics, and the arts, he often conveys his poems in a sense of humor.

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