Wisptees – 4 Ever Royal Kansas City Shirt

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The coed collection was edited down by Andrew to just 30 looks, which was surely beneficial to conveying a convincing rhythm and a focused message. “Less but better; it’s our way forward,” he said. “I’m really into it.” The Wisptees – 4 Ever Royal Kansas City Shirt-Guadagnino connection also proved a winning creative combination, to be hopefully continued in the future. “Lockdown has been dark, surreal, and mysterious, like a Hitchcock movie,” chimed Andrew. “But strangely, like in a Hitchcock movie, the ending is always somehow beautiful. I’m trying to celebrate the beauty that is going to come out of it.

4 Ever Royal Kansas City Shirt

During lockdown, with time on his hands and having exhausted all of Netflix, Paul Andrew went on an Alfred Hitchcock binge. The Wisptees – 4 Ever Royal Kansas City Shirt, Marnie, and Vertigo were at the top of his best-of list; he found out that the same obsession was also shared by director Luca Guadagnino, who in his film Io Sono l’Amore apparently referenced a lot of Hitchcock—the gestures, the lighting, the poses; a certain high-class look of enigmatic sophistication. Andrew wasn’t sure at that lockdown time if and when he would be able to stage a real fashion show, so he decided to go for a short film instead. Asking Guadagnino to work together on a project for the spring collection was just in the cards—and a thrilling opportunity.

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