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The problem is not only about privacy but about just making this a space for learning. We do not have a space for pictures unfortunately. Samantha Rivera I am happy for you, truly but yeah if we start sharing pictures all we gonna be talking about is how sexy you look and how sexy this girl look etc etc. Quora has specific policy against sexually explicit pictures, I got a post taken down because I had a picture of a cross-dresser reaching into a woman crotch while kissing. The stuff I have to take down everyday. Sam, you can either join the ACDC band 47th anniversary 1973 2020 signatures shirt and I love this Facebook group or create your own space. I can’t create it because despite the fact I am very good with my makeup skills, it’s hypocritical to create a space where the creator of the space wont post. Not that I am afraid but is because I have a school aged child who may be bullied if someone comes across Alexandra Martinez. Alexandra looks like my sister and I don’t have sister then who is that? yeah. When most brands attempt to break the internet, they do so via a celebrity cameo or a buzzy limited-edition drop. Hanifa—Anifa Mvuemba’s eight-year-old contemporary label—relied on pure ingenuity. The 3D models used for its Pink Label Congo collection took the virtual-fashion-show concept to new heights, much to the delight of Mvuemba’s net-native audience—including new fans like Beyoncé—who thrilled at the flowing gowns and the visuals and online eclecticism that nodded to Mvuemba’s Congolese heritage. The Maryland-based Mvuemba’s vision, though, extends far beyond the web. She’s already donating a percentage of the proceeds from her logo-covered Colette T-shirts to fight illegal coltan mining in the DRC, and plans to use more and more of her newfound visibility for the greater good. “The pandemic taught me that we have a real responsibility in how we present things,” Mvuemba says. “It’s how we help to make the world a better place.”–Janelle Okwodu

ACDC band 47th anniversary 1973 2020 signatures shirt

Made in the ACDC band 47th anniversary 1973 2020 signatures shirt and I love this cultural melting pot that is modern-day Miami, NST’s charming accessories represent a multitude of people and places too. Natalia Solange Teran credits her Cuban, Mexican, Nicaraguan, and French roots as a consistent source of creative inspiration, and she makes her Instagram-famous treasures with objects and materials from all around the world: vintage beads and silks from China, gold from New Mexico, deadstock jacquards from anywhere and everywhere. The audacious palette, of course, is an unmistakable nod to her sunny hometown. “I’m told the line has a very vibrant Miami feel,” Teran says. “I like to embrace the fact that I’m from here.” Known best for her pearl-and-cloisonné earrings, which retail for around $100, Teran is branching out into weightier pieces made with custom molds, like the studs she’s been wearing daily. Inspired by her grandmother’s Mexican coins, they’re aptly named the Heirloom Coin earrings.–Emily Farra

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