Young Frankenstein Abby Normal vintage shirt

The Earth has been considered a threat to the other galactic Young Frankenstein Abby Normal vintage shirt empires on Marvel Earth-616. The Galactic Council comprised of the largest and most powerful forces in the current Marvel galaxy decreed Earth off-limits due to their potential threat to life in the Universe. The council recounts the number of times Earth has either been at the center of galactic conflict or has due to the prodigious number of metahuman beings of galactic capacity there, engaged in conflicts beyond their technological capacity.

This includes defeating galactic menaces such as Thanos or the Phoenix Young Frankenstein Abby Normal vintage shirt force and rebuffing attacks from the previously unstoppable World-Eater, Galactus. The Earth has the rare distinction of having a Watcher assigned to it. (The Watchers are a species of galactic monitors that track significant events that take place in the cosmos.)

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