Young Frankenstein Abby Normal vintage shirt

It’s even still possible a Kelvin-timeline-set film could rematerialize. Young Frankenstein Abby Normal vintage shirt But I think the continued focus will be on the current swath of shows. Those series with the best crossover appeal could end up in the pictures. And, although Jean-Luc and Co. have already flown across the big screen, I suspect it will be a younger generation of characters that returns the franchise to theaters everywhere. Or some combination of characters and shows.

As far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is concerned there is no singular Young Frankenstein Abby Normal vintage shirt UN mandate that appears to prevent various agencies on Earth from getting their hands on alien technology, except being killed by other agencies who want to get it first (or being killed by their discoveries. See: Diviner) Instead of a prime directive to protect the citizens of Earth from alien technology, there appears to be an arms race on Earth attempting to acquire as much alien tech as possible.

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